Between 4th August 2014 and the 11th November 2018, a Service of Commemoration was held on the centenary of the death of each person who gave their life in World War One.

Efforts were made to trace descendants who might have be able to attend the services and wished to join in an act of remembrance. Below is the full list of when services were held.

In addition to the full list the timeline of services against the events of 100 years ago can be seen in the 1914-1919/2014-2019 timelines.


Service of Commemoration 6th August 2014 

William John Criddle

Service of Commemoration 17th October 2014

Alfred Mould

Service of Commemoration 24th October 2014

John Frank Wills

Service of Commemoration 1st November 2014

Arthur Henry Bearne

Frederick Albert Davis

Service of Commemoration 8th November 2014

Samuel Pillar


Service of Commemoration 16th February 2015

Paul Holman

Service of Commemoration 13th March 2015

Walter Stoyle

Service of Commemoration 17th March 2015

Clarence Henry Crook

Service of Commemoration 16th April 2015

George John Pessell

Service of Commemoration 27th April 2015

Wilfred George Jackson

Service of Commemoration 28th April 2015

Edward Mudge

Service of Commemoration 9th May 2015

Frederick George Ford

Service of Commemoration 13th May 2015

Alfred Samuel Baron

Service of Commemoration 23rd May 2015

Frederick William Bond

Service of Commemoration 22nd June 2015

Thomas Frederick Jarman

Service of Commemoration 24th August 2015

Stanley James Crook

Service of Commemoration 25th September 2015

John Gwyne Anning

Sidney Cornelius

Frank Charles Cotton

Ernest John Criddeford

William John Dew

Albert John Hooper

Ernest George Martin

William Henry Stevens

Service of Commemoration 14th October 2015

Sidney Harold Kerswell


Service of Commemoration 23rd March 2016

Gerald Easterbrook Rundell

Service of Commemoration 19th April 2016

Thomas Pounder Davis

Service of Commemoration 31st May 2016

Guy Arnott Browning

Alfred Thomas Drew

William John Hutchings

Frank Morrish

William Henry Mutters

Service of Commemoration 17th June 2016

George Henry Gibbings

Service of Commemoration 1st July 2016

William Browning

Ernest John Bowden

Service of Commemoration 10th July 2016

Edward Doble

Service of Commemoration 2nd September 2016

Etienne G Milward

Service of Commemoration 3rd September 2016

Carl Radford

Service of Commemoration 9th September 2016

Henry Alfred Hogarth Bren

Service of Commemoration 10th October 2016

Allan Moss

Service of Commemoration 3rd November 2016

William Alfred Victor Elliott

Service of Commemoration 18th November 2016

Bertram Charles Honour

Service of Commemoration 21st December 2016

Henry Leaman

Service of Commemoration 29th December 2016

Leonard Walter Blackburn


Service of Commemoration 8th January 2017

Samuel Alfred Chapple

Service of Commemoration 13th January 2017

Thomas Alfred Smith

Service of Commemoration 17th February 2017

Arthur Charles Burch

Service of Commemoration 19th February 2017

George Pike

Service of Commemoration 24th February 2017

Edward Maurice Scott

Service of Commemoration 30th March 2017

Frances George Larcombe

Service of Commemoration 22nd May 2017

Henry Herbert May

Service of Commemoration 27th May 2017

Harry Norman John Gibson

Service of Commemoration 28th May 2017

Walter Henry Scott

Service of Commemoration 22nd June 2017

William Pitts

Service of Commemoration 31 July 2017

Wilfred Claude Williams

Service of Commemoration 2nd August 2017

William Joseph Marks

Service of Commemoration 8th August 2017

Thomas Norman Lewis

Service of Commemoration 9th August 2017

Albert Mayne

Service of Commemoration 29th August 2017

Charles Henry Blackmore

Service of Commemoration 31st August 2017

Percy John Hockaday

Service of Commemoration 16th September 2017

Holroyd Edward Hamlyn

Service of Commemoration 20th September 2017

William Robert Holloway

Charles Frederick King

Service of Commemoration 22nd September 2017

Reginald Charles Blackmore

Service of Commemoration 4th October 2017

William Frank Tapley

Albert Henry West

Service of Commemoration 7th October 2017

Herbert Arthur Garrett

Service of Commemoration 16th October 2017

Philip Gladstone Pope

Service of Commemoration 26th October 2017

Leonard Reggie Stephens

William Blatchford

Thomas Pook

Service of Commemoration 2nd December 2017

Archibald Frederick Davies

Service of Commemoration 7th December 2017

Albert William Davis

Service of Commemoration 19th December 2017

Frank Samuel Dart

Service of Commemoration 28th December 2017

Arthur George Dodge


Service of Commemoration 16th February 2018

Thomas T Hallett

Service of Commemoration 14th February 2018

William Way

Service of Commemoration 19th February 2018

Reginald Charles Bright

Service of Commemoration 21st March 2018

William Henry Horwill

Service of Commemoration 23rd March 2018

Walter Lennox Andrews

Service of Commemoration 28th March 2018

Peter Snell

Service of Commemoration 4th April 2018

Andrew Alexander Selley

Service of Commemoration 10th April 2018 

Percival Ernest Abell

Frederick Samuel Luscombe

Charles Uppleby Geidt

Service of Commemoration 12th April 2018

Edmund Charles Crook

Service of Commemoration 9th June 2018

Frank Baldue

Service of Commemoration 20th June 2018

Wilfred Carman

Service of Commemoration 27th June 2018

Margaret Jane Fortescue

Service of Commemoration 13th July 2018

John Sparkes M Gilpin

Service of Commemoration 20th July 2018

Arthur Gilbert Walsh Church

Service of Commemoration 26th August 2018

John Cutcliffe

Henry John Harris

Service of Commemoration 27th August 2018

Arthur John Moore

Service of Commemoration 28th September 2018

Percival Samuel Harris

Service of Commemoration 4th October 2018

George Blackmore

Service of Commemoration 6th October 2018

Stephen Leaman

Service of Commemoration 12th October 2018

John Jeffry Nicholls

Service of Commemoration 17th October 2018

Reginald Alexander Honour

Service of Commemoration 18th October 2018

Kenneth Reginald Flint Kemp

Service of Commemoration 20th October 2018

Harry Cruse

Service of Commemoration 25th October 2018

James Edwin Kerswell

Service of Commemoration 6th November 2018

George Henry Cole

Service of Commemoration 9th November 2018

William Henry Burch

Armistice Day Commemoration 11th November

6th December 2018

Leonard Charles Dallman

7th December 2018

Harry Reginald Scott


17th January 2019

John Evans

19th January 2019

Sidney Charles Bowden

21st January 2019

William Edward Thornhill

1st February 2019

Sidney Thomas Abell

27th February 2019

William Henry Crews

18th March 2019 

Frederick Robert Kingdon

4th April 2019

J Brimicombe

27th April 2019 

Samuel Gordon Wills

26th July 2019

Richard Henry Ruddell

23rd October 2019

Percival King

Samuel Jones

25th October 2019

Albert Nicholls

11th November 2019

William John Black