1914 and 2014 Timeline

This timeline shows events of the First World War (1914) alongside the modern day commemoration services held in venues in Dawlish, Holcombe and Cofton in 2014.

1914 Month 2014
 28 July  Austria-Hungary declares War on Serbia July
1 August Germany declares War on Russia

3 August Germany declares War on France

4 August Germany invades Belgium and Britain, by treaty with Belgium, enters the War

7 August British Expeditionary Force enters France

20 August  Germans occupy Brussels

23 August  Battle of Mons


August 4 August – First night of “Oh! What a Lovely War” at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish, running for a week.

Service of Commemoration 6th August 2014

William John Criddle

 5 September  Battle of the Marne, German advance on Paris halted September  14th September Percy James Jackman (data added 9/11/2016)
 19 October – 22 November 1st Battle of Ypres October Service of Commemoration 17th October 2014

Alfred Mould

Service of Commemoration 24th October 2014

John Frank Wills

 1 November   Battle of Coronel, off coast of Chile



November Service of Commemoration 1st November 2014

Arthur Henry Bearne

Frederick Albert Davis

Service of Commemoration 8th November 2014

Samuel Pillar

 8 December Battle of Falklands December