1916 and 2016 Timeline

This timeline shows events of the First World War (1916) alongside the modern day commemoration services to held in venues in Dawlish, Holcombe and Cofton in 2016.

1916 Month 2016
 9 January Withdrawal marks end of Gallipoli campaign January
 21 February Germans launch Battle for Verdun February  
March Service of Commemoration 23rd March 2016

Gerald Easterbrook Rundell

 24-29 April  Easter uprising in Dublin

29 April  Surrender of Kut

April Service of Commemoration 19th April 2016

Thomas Pounder Davis

31 May – June 1  Battle of Jutland

5 June Lord Kitchener dies in sinking of H.M.S.HAMPSHIRE

May Service of Commemoration 31st May 2016

Guy Arnott Browning

Alfred Thomas Drew

William John Hutchings

Frank Morrish

William Henry Mutters

June Service of Commemoration 17th June 2016

George Henry Gibbings

Somme offensive 1 July – 18 November

1 July Launch of Battles of the Somme

1-13 July 2nd Battle of Albert


July Service of Commemoration 1st July 2016

William Browning

Ernest John Bowden

Service of Commemoration 10th July 2016

Edward Doble

August Service of Commemoration 22nd August 2016

Charles Lake

Service of Commemoration 30th August 2016

Sidney Charles Lucas

 3 – 6 September Battle of Guillemont

9 September Battle of Ginchy

September Service of Commemoration 2nd September 2016

Etienne G Milward

Service of Commemoration 3rd September 2016

Carl Radford

Service of Commemoration 9th September 2016

Henry Alfred Hogarth Bren

October  Service of Commemoration 10th October 2016

Allan Moss

 13 – 18 November Battle of Ancre

18 November end of Somme offensive

November  Service of Commemoration 3rd November 2016

William Alfred Victor Elliott

Service of Commemoration 18th November 2016

Bertram Charles Honour

December  Service of Commemoration 21st December 2016

Henry Leaman

Service of Commemoration 29th December 2016

Leonard Walter Blackburn