1919 and 2019 Timeline

This timeline shows events of the First World War (1919) alongside the modern day commemoration services held in venues in Dawlish, Holcombe and Cofton in 2019.

1919 Month 2019
18 January Peace Conference opens at Versailles January  17th January – John Evans

19th January – Sidney Charles Bowden

21st January – William Edward Thornhill

February  1st February – Sidney Thomas Abell

27th February – William Henry Crews

March  18th March – Frederick Robert Kingdon
April  4th April – J Brimicombe

27th April – Samuel Gordon Wills

 21 June German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow

28 June Treaty of Versailles signed

July  26th July – Richard Henry Ruddell
October  23rd October – Percival King

Samuel Jones

25th October – Albert Nicholls

November  11th November – William John Black