Dawlish Prisoners of War

On 30th November 1918 the Dawlish Gazette reported the arrival home of the first Dawlish Prisoner of War and on 18th January 1919 it reported that all Dawlish Prisoners of War had been repatriated.

Sadly one Dawlish Prisoner of War did not return home, Private Harry Scott had been taken prisoner in May 1918 and died in a German Hospital. In a letter his mother received from him just before Christmas he said that he was in hospital but was getting better and hoped to be home soon.

The following list of Dawlish POWs was published in the Gazette dated 23rdNovember 1918:

Rifleman Morley Foster

Private W J Lambshead

Private Chas Wookey

Lance Corporal E Dunn

Private E G Caseley

Private L Ash

Private T Richards

Private R Selley

2nd Lieutenant W C Maunder

Signaller H Pascoe

Private H Scott

Private W Biggs

Signaller L V Hartwell

Private Hawking

Private G Vittles

Private A Tickle

Rifleman Bright

The relevant cuttings from the Gazette can be seen below.

Dawlish Gazette – 23rd November 1918

Dawlish Gazette – 30th November 1918

Dawlish Gazette – 14th December 1918

Dawlish Gazette – 4th January 1919

Dawlish Gazette – 11th January 1919

Dawlish Gazette – 18th January 1919